The Ultimate Affiliates Program

Without amazing creators who supported us in our first year – we may not have made it to year 2! Our affiliate program is our way of paying it forward and offering both you and your fans a special benefit.

Our program is broken up into 3 parts:

For Your Fans...

Our supporters mean the world to us, and we know that yours are just as important to you!

When you become an Ultimate Affiliate, your fans will become entitled to a 10% discount on there purchases.


Some stuff our lawyers made us say:

Discount does not apply to postage & handling or clearance priced products. Products already on promotion will be discounted to the higher of 10% or the promotional discount

For You...

Being a creator is hard. You are giving a piece of yourself to the universe, and creating something more nothing except your own talent. Your supporters love you for that, and so do we.

Whenever someone in your community uses your code to buy our products, you will get an affiliate commission fee on that sale. We can’t give away all the secrets here though!



Some stuff our lawyers made us say:

Affiliate commissions are based on the discounted subtotal excluding applicable taxes. A minimum code use threshold must be met before first payment will be made to you, and subsequent payments will be made on a recurring cycle.

For Your community...

Let’s support charities you believe in! When you become an Ultimate Affiliate, you can nominate a charity (or charities!) that you wish to support. For every use of your affiliate code, 5% of the sale amount will be donated to your nominated charity.

In addition, for every 100 uses of your code – we will donate an extra $100 to your nominated charity.

Some stuff our lawyers made us say:

Charities must be a registered organisation with the appropriate governing body. Donations will be made on a quarterly basis, rounded up to the nearest $10. Unless otherwise stated, all payments are denominated in Australian Dollars.

Want To Know More?

If you are interested in knowing more about our Ultimate Affiliate program, or are ready to take the next step – simply fill out the below contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.