The Ultimate Drinking Game: Ultimate Party Box


Part of the original Kickstarter campaign from 2016, the Ultimate Party Box includes both the base Ultimate Drinking Game as well as the limited edition Kickstarty Your Party expansion – featuring unique expansion cards only ever available in this deck.

Form alliances, trade favours, backstab your friends and do anything you can to emerge the winner. The catch? Play against each other all you want, the only way to win is by playing against yourself.

Will you make the sacrifice to be crowned The Ultimate Drinking Game Champion?



This Product was a limited edition expansion and is no longer available.

What’s In The Box

  • 124 cards
  • Instructions


  • Adult Party Game
  • 3-8 Players
  • Water resistant cards – perfect for mishaps!


  1. At the start of each game, a player must be named captain – the decision maker of all questions & disputes
  2. Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards
  3. When it is a players turn, they must choice a card from their hand to play. If:
    1. The player chooses to do the card’s action themselves – THE CARD IS DISCARD FROM THE GAME
    2. The player chooses to nominate someone else to do the card’s action – THE CARD IS RETURNED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE CARD DECK
  4. If there are cards left in the deck, the player draws back up to 5 cards in their hand
  5. Once the deck is cleared, the first player to clear all cards from their hand is declared The Ultimate Drinking Game Champion!

Captain’s Rulings (House Rules)

Some of the best fun of The Ultimate Drinking Game is the game changing rules laid down by captains. Here are some of the best we have heard:

  • The Jesus Rule: Water cards are now 2x normal drink instead
  • The Kelis Rule: Water cards are now a milk based drink
  • The Kenny Rogers Rule: On a gamble card, the player can fold their hand (return cards to discard and draw 5 new cards) instead of taking their drinks
  • The Last Stop Rule: Bus rides no longer end after 3 attempts. Repeat until successful


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