Every few years, the world looks on in horror as the Stock Market implodes on itself. News cycles fill with doom and dread; and people look and wonder how this could ever happen?

In the weeks and months after these events, we always get our answer…

The Stock Market is just a game!

(So, we decided to turn it into a card game!)

The Ultimate Stocks Game

Coming soon to Kickstarter, The Ultimate Stocks Game is over 150 cards of underhanded manipulation for the benefit of getting rich. Buy SHARES in COMPANIES; get INSIDER TIPS; discovery PRICES and get rich…?

Do you have what it takes to beat Wall St, or will you go bankrupt in your attempt?

Game Info

Number of Players: 2 – 8 (Game can be played with up to 12 players, with additional shuffling)

Play Time: 20 – 30 minutes per player

Objective: Have the highest bank balance at the end of 10 rounds

Age Warning: This game contains some content aimed at mature audiences


Number of Cards165

Types of Cards4 separate decks – COMPANIES, SHARES, INSIDER TIPS, PRICES

Rules: Foldout sheet, including alternative rulesets

Additional contents: Tearaway player sheet pad to keep track of player account balances through rounds


Companies: Company cards are revealed at the start of each round (amount based on number of players); with one being replaced at the end of every round. Companies are in many different sectors – such as Technology, Automotive, or Entertainment.

Shares: For each Company card revealed, 3 Share cards are dealt out for players to be able to purchase. Share cards represent 1, 5, 10 or 25 shares. Players may not be able to afford shares if earlier players have bought all the available shares…but you wouldn’t do that. Would you?

Insider Tips: If a player does not have 5 cards in their hand once Shares have been bought, they are dealt Insider Tip cards to get their hand up to the required amount. While most Insider Tip cards will give you a boost, not every tip will work in your favour. Will your tip take you from last to first; or bankrupt you on a YOLO play?

Prices: At the end of the round, each revealed Company is dealt a Price card. This card determines the outcome of the Stock Market for this round. Did the Stock Market ruin your plans? Hopefully you had an Insider Tip to help get you out of a jam…

We love making games, and coming up with new ideas to push the boundaries of what people consider ‘Party Games’. But we will always need the help and support of our fans to make these wild ideas into real products – for you!

 The simple truth is that we can’t rely on teams of marketers and research departments to push our product in front of new eyes. As a small independent design team, we make do with what we have. In our experience though, it is YOU who is our biggest asset, whether sharing our products on Social Media or through word of mouth at a mates BBQ.

If this game is something you would like to see happen, you can help us in any of the following ways:

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It’s just a game to them, but for us it’s so much more…

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