Take a chance, get loose, make everyone call you Captain, fight then beg for mercy, end up in a ditch somewhere with a tattoo...

70+ cards combining elements of well known classic drinking games including Ride the bus, Asshole, Kings Cup, and a whole lot more illustrated chaotic mayhem - all to recreate the ultimate night out for your ultimate night in!

Product Features


While the point of any good game is to prove you are better than your friends, The Ultimate Drinking Game continues until the deck has been defeated. This means you will need to work alongside your fellow drunks - and craftly avoid doing anything you don't want to do!


Say goodbye to ruined cards, just because THAT friend can't handle their drink (admit it, you know who we are talking about...).

Our cards are laminated to ensure that spills are an issue of the past. Simply wipe down the cards, and politely ask your friend to leave your house. Simple!


Drinking games can be a terrible experience for our non-drinker friends (and lets be honest, life is already hard enough sober!) - so we decided to make a game that they can still play too.

Simply pull up a chair with your flavour soft drink, flavoured milk, or a mountain of tomato sauce packets (seriously, don't ask). You name it, we've seen people play our game with it!


Have a favourite drinking game that we haven't included? Find a Captain card and change the game!

Captains have complete control over the game, including deciding rules - or changing them!

Do those water cards suddenly look like double drink cards? Does every player need to play 2 cards per turn? Only the Captain knows!